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I have frantically been decorating for Christmas.  I decided to put my Thanksgiving cactus on the dining room table. This cactus above has been on my light stand in the basement since last Christmas.  It has been on the corner of the stand and I have never turned it. Consequently, as you can see, there are only blooms on one side of the plant.  Many people ask me why they only have blooms on one side of their plant. Well, the problem is, the plant has never been turned. I thought since my plant was under fluorescent lights it would be fine, but since it was on the corner of the stand, all parts of the plant were not under the lights equally.  All the sun or fluorescent light in my case, has only really hit the stem segments on one side of the plant. It is very important to turn your plant 1/4  every time you water, so all  parts of your plant gets sun equally. Even if you aren’t concerned about flowering, the plant will lean if you don’t turn it. See this blog post about lopsided plants. The lesson today is, “Do as I say, not as I do.” 

Dining room table

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