Christmas Is Over- Now What?

by | Oct 27, 2014 | 2 comments

‘Red Glitter’ Poinsettia

This is a little early, but as we all know, the holidays are right around the corner, whether we want them to be or not.  You probably will buy or receive a poinsettia. I work at a nursery, so I bring home quite a few. I won’t lie, this didn’t used to be a plant I even liked, (could there be a houseplant I don’t like?) but I have learned to love them. 

Your poinsettia is beautiful, colorful, and has brightened your holidays. The holidays are over and your poinsettia is starting to turn yellow and now what do you do with it? Most people throw them away and I will admit that in the past I have done just that. Believe me when I say it is not easy for me to throw any plant away. So last year after Christmas, I decided to keep my poinsettia. I had been on a garden walk and saw a beautiful houseplant, and lo and behold, it was a poinsettia. I decided to keep my poinsettia, not worrying about whether or not it ever had it’s colored bracts again or not. 
Poinsettia on garden walk
 I kept my plant looking good well past Christmas. When the plant started looking unattractive and the bracts and leaves started yellowing and falling, I cut it back to about 6″ tall. It was just a bunch of sticks- not so attractive. Yet, a few weeks later it was leafed out and not looking so bad. It is still growing and is a very attractive houseplant. Am I going to put it in a dark closet for 14-15 hours a day for weeks to make it color up again? Absolutely not! Who really has time for that? Not me. I’m just going to enjoy it as a houseplant and you might want to, as well.
Poinsettia up close-love the red petioles!

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  1. Anonymous

    After Christmas I placed my poinsettia in front of my sliding glass door (Pittsburgh area, west-northwest exposure), curtains always open, kitchen light on and off randomly, and the side facing the window re-bloomed with no other special treatment.

  2. Lisa

    Well, I can’t wait to see if my poinsettia gets some color. I hope so!


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