Why Is There a Houseplant Appreciation Day?

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Why is there a Houseplant Appreciation Day?

Every day is Houseplant Appreciation Day for me. I realize that people who aren’t obsessed with them like I am need a day like this.

Houseplants on mantle
Houseplants staged with flamingos

History Of Houseplant Appreciation Day

I have researched this day and found that Bob Matthews of Gardenersnet.com came up with this day. Why? Because he felt that after the holiday rush our plants could use some attention.

The holiday decorations are put away and it’s time to turn our attention to our neglected houseplants. (My decorations are still up,  but most people have put them away. Right?) What a great idea! Thank you, Bob!

Why Houseplant Appreciation Day?

Why do we need to appreciate our houseplants? Because they are giving us life-sustaining oxygen and making us happy. So we need to show them how much we appreciate them by taking care of them.

Today is a day to show our plants how much we love them. How do we do that? Here are a few ways you can show your houseplants some love and also some things not to do. 

plant stand with plants
These plants are doing well in this eastern exposure and they make me happy!

Houseplant care

First, give them a shower in the sink or in the bathtub if you can get them there. Dust is a huge detriment to plant growth, (as are dirty windows!).

I hope you washed your windows last fall when you brought summering houseplants in. So, back to showering your houseplants……

showering houseplants
Give your plants a shower to remove dust and dirt.

Nothing is more unattractive than dirty, dusty houseplants. Plants get their food from light, sun or artificial.

When plants are dirty, the light can’t get through to the leaves, so keep them clean. If your plant is too big or heavy to move to the shower or sink, a sponge and a bucket of warm water is the next best thing.

Washing your plants also helps get rid of any unwanted visitors that may be lurking, as well. Always be on the lookout for unwanted pests. You may have to get a magnifying glass out if, like me, your eyes aren’t what they once were. 

Houseplant Appreciation Day tools
You may need assistance to see the problem.

Do NOT do this on Houseplant Appreciation Day!

After washing your plants, do we spray some nice plant shine on them to make them pretty? NO!

I am NOT a proponent of gooping up plants with shine. It is not natural unless you use Neem oil, which is also a pest control product, by the way.

Anyway, I have never used plant shine and do not plan on starting, because a natural clean plant is the best way to go.

Here in the frozen north, our plants aren’t growing at this time of year, and so I do not fertilize. I start fertilizing my houseplants when I see some new growth. If they are under lights, I fertilize year round.

Talk to your plants

Some people think you should talk to your plants and that’s up to you. I don’t talk to my plants,

They think it helps their plants. They get carbon dioxide from you when you are watering and grooming. So if you talk to them you will provide them with even more CO2, so start talking or singing.

Remove any dead or yellowing leaves, as these leaves may have a fungus or disease. Removal will stop the further spread of any diseases.

planters make me happy
This bird’s nest snake plant looks adorable in this owl planter and makes me happy

Make sure your plants are watered, clean, and have any yellowing leaves removed and it will be Houseplant OWNER Appreciation Day.

Have a great week, houseplant friends!


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  1. Julia

    As usual Lisa, your advice is thoughtful and sound. One plant at a time, I’m going to give them a little shower and fluff them up a bit. It is a good time to do that especially since we’re not distracted by the outdoor garden. Thanks for the reminder for some TLC with my indoor garden.

    • Lisa Steinkopf

      Great time to fluff our plants! Thanks, Julia!


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